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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Suddenly, another boy!

My sister seems to keep spawning boys:


Welcome to the gang, little angel

I can’t stop smiling

My new toy:


I went and picked it up today. It’s awfully weird to see a car with a single digit on its odometer


Very high-tech (I *love* the feeling of sitting inside the cockpit of a spaceship), but quite powerful as well. I went and picked up my cousin for the first β€œtrip”, and we went up the the mountain of Penteli. So the odometer is no longer single-digit

Nephew Number 2

Another copy-paste from my sister:


Today at 3am, another nephew came along.

Welcome aboard Chris!

Yet another niece

So, at the very end of February (thankfully, 2009 is not a leap year), my cousin gave birth to her second daughter! An easy birth (second children are easier, or so I’m told), niece v2 came in this world at about 19:00 on Saturday. Welcome aboard, baby girl!


This Thursday, I finally (after 14 years!) graduated from my university. I am now officially an Agricultural Biotechnologist!The ceremony wasn’t really much, which is a good thing, as the hall we had gathered in didn’t really have all that much room. Also, I think I was the last of my year to get a degree, so there was no-one I knew in the hall.

Still, this really was a pivotal time for me. A chapter has now really closed in my life, even though I was reading ahead about 3 chapters forward πŸ™‚

World Othello Championship

The last three days were a bit hectic, but I was taking part of something very cool: The 31st World Othello Championship! It was a bit unexpected of course, but I was one of the two members of the Greek team. The event took place in Greece, in the center of Athens (which was almost obviously the reason a Greek team, which was just put together, could take part).

All in all, a wonderful experience! I came 66th of 68, but it really was my first time playing for real (as in on a board), with players that obviously have been playing a very long time and were very experienced. My goal was really not coming last, which I very much achieved :).

I just hope there will be a next chapter in all of this, and I can do better next year πŸ™‚

Baby nephew

So, my nephew fed up with being inside my sister, and decided to get out, a bit early (actually just in time). So, at noon of Wednesday (June 13), my sister gave birth to a handsome, blonde, blue-eyed tall and strong little man!
Baby nephew

Welcome, baby nephew!

Baby niece

I got back from the hospital, where my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Ok, technically she’s a “second” niece, but I literally grew up with this cousin, so she’s very much dear to me πŸ™‚

I wish I had photos of this, but I was afraid to take photos in the waiting room! Didn’t want to blind the little thing! πŸ™‚

I skipped work to get there as soon as I could, my mother and aunt were already there (and discussing about their own pregnancies and childbirths – as mothers are wont to do all around the world :)), but my father got a bit lost – he even asked for directions πŸ™‚

Both mother and daughter are fine, he birth was quite easy I’m told (wonders of modern medicine), and will be returning (or going for the first time!) home on Monday (which is actually Ash Monday – a holiday) or maybe Tuesday.

Christmas decorations

I started decorating for Christmas early this year. I just put a light row outside, wrapped around the porch. It doesn’t really show that much from the outside, but you can definitely see there are decorations there πŸ™‚ I’m probably going to get more light rows, I think it’s not Christmas if you’re not paying twice the power bill πŸ™‚

I saw an owl today

As I was returning home today, driving my car to park in the garage, I saw a real-life owl sitting in the street (just gravel really) looking around. I watched in awe for a minute, but before I got my cell phone to take a picture, my car’s lights obviously scared her off. Ok, I guess that was not as strange as getting abducted by an alien or anything, but when the most natural life you normally see is pigeons and stray cats, it’s a wonderful experience seeing real wild animals! It really points out I’ve moved out in a not-really-urban house! πŸ™‚

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