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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Fire Drill

Fire dill at work. Some siren shouted loudly. Some guy in an orange suit shouted with a speaker. We got out. We waited. We waited. We got in again. It was not so realistic though. When in the old buildings, we had a bomb threat and we got out as well. Only then I got my briefcase as well. Actually now that I think about it, it would be more realistic if I panicked and went home for the rest of the day as well 😉

Dirty Hacks

The day you have to use dirty-almost-black-hat tricks to work with a sorry excuse for a development framework to do the work you han have completed in 5 minutes flat (measured time) is a very bad day indeed.

I really, really, really hate it when politics get in the way of development.

Last day on IT

My last day on IT (?) Finally! Come Monday, I’m off to my “Home” company… 🙂

Back to company

Went back to my main place of work today. I almost felt relieved to be working. Life down-under has done me no good. I mean I like what I do. I like programming. I don’t like debugging other people’s code, made to be so generic as not to work at all. I’m going on Monday as well. Its a lot more rewarding. I’d really like to return, but it seems there is no-one else to go down there. And I hate doing slavework for a platform I do not agree with and is much too complicated to begin with. Not to mention competitive to what we do.

Dull Work

Quite a while has passed since I updated this…

IT Work is kinda dull. I actually don’t do anything. At least I have access to my original PC, so when I’m not working for IT, I’m working for my “home” company 🙂 Of course I’m billing both 🙂 Thank god for Windows XP Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services).

I should have received an afternoon coffee invitation this week, but it never came… And the person I was expecting it from has left again…

Tomorrow (today actually!) I’m probably going out with some friends and Monday I’m going to the movies. The best part of being down at IT is that I get to leave at 17:00 or so… but I don’t think I can stand this for long 🙂 Weird creatures, men. Always craving for what they don’t have!

Oh. Another Amazon order is on its way. The only thing is I’m not going to be there to receive it! I just hope it comes on an odd (15/4, 17/4 etc) day (because I can go to work faster then)

Working in IT

Started work on the IT today. Good things: It seems an easy task, it very-very close to home. Bad things: It seems a little slow and bureaucratic…

I’m now writing a CD with useful (and not) things to take with me.

Another Meeting

I’m beat (again). I went to a hi-class meeting with more bank representatives I should care to mention, but at least it ended quickly. I should look forward to the weekend, but it seems it may be lost as well… 🙁


I went to Marousi again yesterday. I returned home so tired, I went almost straight to bed. I have to go to some high class meeting today. I’m feeling everything has to go through me.


I was really sick yesterday, but I feel better now… The good thing was that the fever gave me an insight on a work problem, so I solved it in under five minutes when I got there 🙂

Meeting and farewell

Loooong day today.

So, I went to Marousi, I lost 2 hours in the traffic, my supervisor took me from some weird place I can’t remember, I met people, I hated people, I didn’t put people in people’s places as I should, I left, I lost another 2 hours in the traffic.

At least I got to go to a “farewell party” for Anestis who is leaving us for the Greek Navy. We ate our buns off (yet again!). Nice farewell 🙂

Maybe I should write more, but I’m too tired.

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