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Days in the life of a clone

Baby niece

I got back from the hospital, where my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Ok, technically she’s a “second” niece, but I literally grew up with this cousin, so she’s very much dear to me 🙂

I wish I had photos of this, but I was afraid to take photos in the waiting room! Didn’t want to blind the little thing! 🙂

I skipped work to get there as soon as I could, my mother and aunt were already there (and discussing about their own pregnancies and childbirths – as mothers are wont to do all around the world :)), but my father got a bit lost – he even asked for directions 🙂

Both mother and daughter are fine, he birth was quite easy I’m told (wonders of modern medicine), and will be returning (or going for the first time!) home on Monday (which is actually Ash Monday – a holiday) or maybe Tuesday.

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