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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Love Story (en)

She was pretty on that fateful day. She cleaned herself carefully and decided to go out. She was so beautiful! Her backside swinged in tempo, calling Them. She strolled over in one of her usual places. The roads seemed entangled in an endless labyrinth.

And then she saw Him. He looked so masculine! His frame was perfectly formed. He was obviously looking for a mate as well. She went near him and smiled. They exchanged some small-talk and in a little while they were flying together in heavenly happiness. He was perfect. This was a new feeling for her. She knew now that the children she would get from Him would be perfect. Just like Him […]

He was the first to see the Object speeding toward them. It was coming too close for comfort. It began to seem like a very real danger. They both were scared out of their wits and panicked trying to escape.

Sadly, it was too late. The Object landed on them and crushed them. Their skeleton broke in several places, allowing for tick and fluid liquid to gush. Her every section was cut off, while Her head was shattered, destroying the well-formed antennas. He was totally crumbled. What a tragedy for the lovely couple!…

Baby girl cried out happily: “Mommy, look: I killed two ants with one stroke!”

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