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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Meeting in Marousi

I gotta go to Marousi tomorrow. A veeery long drive… One I haven’t done before. Oh, I’m writing from work (hehe).

Shopping and frustration

It’s been five days already? Wow.

I went for a bit of shopping today. I sent a snail-mail to Creative Labs for a 40 € rebate. I got me a pair of earbuds for my Nomad. I god a street map for my car. Busy day.

The .netization of everything is postponed for a non forseeable future. Sad. I’m starting to think that I should just get started on my own. After all, I know what has to be done (in a way). I got almost everything I need (including a preview of the site, as it could be). The thing is, I don’t really think I’m going to be able to finish it. I don’t get it. Don’t they understand that they will not only save money from not doing all this trivial and useless work, but save our (the developers) sanity? I will not be able to take more Intarget code for much longer. I mean, I can do stuff I actually loathe in less than 5 minutes. Perhaps we could sell open24 as a new platform. I dunno. Only thing remaining is no bonus/raise for 2002/3. Then I’ll really be pissed.

CD Burning and Fast Coding

I’m writing some (non-Farscape :)) CDs and waiting to see one Farscape episode. I did a speeding bullet “impression” again at work, making a web page for administrative tasks in under 45 minutes (more like 30). I shouldn’t be showing off like that, but I guess everybody is pleased that things work better after these productivity bursts. It’s just that I feel it’s going to my head… The other problem is that I think I need an audience some times to perform better. Maybe I should add this to my pros/cons list 🙂 Actually todays admin page was made more on a dare. I feel guilty for letting it go to my head. I should probably just get over it. It’s difficult though if everyone is constantly praising you.

Late again

Off to work. Late (again).

Meetings, V and Farscape

Back from work… Another meeting in which everybody just _assumes_ that everything is first priority… Oh well. The good news: A component for DB Connectivity is 60% ready. It still needs a lot of work (and of course 10% of the work will take the other 90% of the time;) ), but it should be as easy as advertised.

My Amazon order is on its way, as well as my order. I also have “V” today, and Farscape so I’m gonna let it rip! 🙂

Happier today, I seem. Oh! And it’s the second day I manage to scribble something in the blog :). Off to rip some stuff!

Hello world?

I lead a boring life.

What did I do today? Spent the morning troubleshooting and spent the whole midday/afternoon in a meeting where most of the marketing and my supervisors feel the urge to kill the only thing that makes appealling. I’m the first to support usability and the such, but Greece has no remote buying tradition, so the only way to keep users is giving them something to play. Granted, the “e-city” of seems a lot more fun when in demos than in real use, but as I always said, if you don’t build them, they won’t come.

Ok, so I’m not THAT disappointed. Maybe I’m just tired. 5 straight hours of a meeting do that to you…

I gotta make a demo of the open24 admin thingy (there’s another word I seem to like lately!).

Raptor (JimR) just called about Abyss (!). Sorry man, I don’t have it. I think. 🙂 Maybe I should 🙂

Oh well. Enough for today. I don’t really think I’m going to get through with this thing, but never hurts to try 🙂

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