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Days in the life of a clone

Dull Work

Quite a while has passed since I updated this…

IT Work is kinda dull. I actually don’t do anything. At least I have access to my original PC, so when I’m not working for IT, I’m working for my “home” company 🙂 Of course I’m billing both 🙂 Thank god for Windows XP Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services).

I should have received an afternoon coffee invitation this week, but it never came… And the person I was expecting it from has left again…

Tomorrow (today actually!) I’m probably going out with some friends and Monday I’m going to the movies. The best part of being down at IT is that I get to leave at 17:00 or so… but I don’t think I can stand this for long 🙂 Weird creatures, men. Always craving for what they don’t have!

Oh. Another Amazon order is on its way. The only thing is I’m not going to be there to receive it! I just hope it comes on an odd (15/4, 17/4 etc) day (because I can go to work faster then)

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