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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone


Another day of CD Writing… 🙂 A bit tired. The f.p. is going rather well. A bit of an explanation: I made a female “persona” so that I could register for a dating site (for fun). It’s (or rather she’s) going rather well, she already has 14 messages 😉 I’m not probably going to do much more with her, I’m already feeling a bit of guilt of exploiting these “poor” men that are sending messages to her. Then again… 🙂

Today all my batteries emptied together! My mobile is now recharging, as well as my nomad. At last, the Creative Labs store has the Wired FM Remote in stock. I’m hesitating a little to buy direct from Creative, because there are many more sites with better prices.

The Irresistable DVD came today. I still get to keep the erroneous DVD (The Conversation). Talk about pull 🙂 I tried to loan it to a coworker, and she did get the DVD case, but the DVD itself was not in there :|. Oh well. I guess I’ll loan it to her tomorrow (just for the suffering she had to endure :))

Perhaps I should alter the format of these blogs (bloggings? blog entries?). I write in bursts, so it’s not “right” to enter the time as well. This should be 30/1/2003 #4 perhaps. Oh well, I’ll think more about it when I have created some kind of database, instead of plain text such as I’m writing right now.

Farscape DivX #3

Forget it. It’s one ep on one CD, and that’s it… Too much work otherwise…

Farscape DivX #2

That figures! 5.1 (or 5 channels, or whatever) in .AVI. VirtualDub don’t work! Back to Vidomi.

Farscape DivX

Seems Farscape is mostly 1 CD Length… The problem with Raptor is that he has to have the ultimate-super-extreme quality everything! So it makes it very difficult for the rest of us to do anything with anything he passes on, without tweaking it and downgrading it… Oh well! At least they’re .AVIs, so a simple virtualdub should do the trick!

Meetings, V and Farscape

Back from work… Another meeting in which everybody just _assumes_ that everything is first priority… Oh well. The good news: A component for DB Connectivity is 60% ready. It still needs a lot of work (and of course 10% of the work will take the other 90% of the time;) ), but it should be as easy as advertised.

My Amazon order is on its way, as well as my order. I also have “V” today, and Farscape so I’m gonna let it rip! 🙂

Happier today, I seem. Oh! And it’s the second day I manage to scribble something in the blog :). Off to rip some stuff!

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