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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Coding Assets

Wow. A lot of time has passed.

I’m talking on IRC and I’m pondering my pros and cons as a developer. I guess part of this introspection stems from the fact that Anestis is leaving for the Greek Navy (15 months of draft duties) and I’m thinking what’s good about him as a programmer and what’s missing from me (because for the most part I’m going to replace him, especially on strategically important projects).

I guess I’m good at understanding how a program works, just by looking at it. Probably it’s my hacking (on Amstrad) background, as well as deciphering the jumbled code of I can work very very fast and what I create is usually correct architecturally, because I think and conceptualize a lot faster than the speed I’m using the PC to lay the basic structure out.

Enough self-appraisal! The cons of me: I lack theoretical education and knowledge. I lack things used not usually daily, but when trying to make architectural decisions. I need to be more of an Software Architect. Some day.

Shopping and frustration

It’s been five days already? Wow.

I went for a bit of shopping today. I sent a snail-mail to Creative Labs for a 40 € rebate. I got me a pair of earbuds for my Nomad. I god a street map for my car. Busy day.

The .netization of everything is postponed for a non forseeable future. Sad. I’m starting to think that I should just get started on my own. After all, I know what has to be done (in a way). I got almost everything I need (including a preview of the site, as it could be). The thing is, I don’t really think I’m going to be able to finish it. I don’t get it. Don’t they understand that they will not only save money from not doing all this trivial and useless work, but save our (the developers) sanity? I will not be able to take more Intarget code for much longer. I mean, I can do stuff I actually loathe in less than 5 minutes. Perhaps we could sell open24 as a new platform. I dunno. Only thing remaining is no bonus/raise for 2002/3. Then I’ll really be pissed.

Software, Farscape and TextPad

Long time since I wrote here. Got a terrible headache today. Maybe because I saw 7 Farscape episodes on a row. Another order has arrived. I shouldn’t worry, I’ll find time to read all these books 🙂

A new Textpad has come out since 7/2 (3 days!) and I only downloaded it today! I’m losing my form 🙂

Finally I transfered my “Textpad Macros” project from work. It was in a very good state, but I couldn’t work at it in the weekend. So instead I made a voting application for the icons of JPsoft’s 4NT (and 4DOS and Take Command). Maybe when I put this blog on a web page I should make some “Links of the day” or just link everything worth while. Or not.

I’m thinking about making a home page. The world has really moved on (a stephenking-esque phrase! 🙂 cool!) since everybody and their dog had a home page, but I’m a web developer now. I should have something. I’m really lousy with graphics, mainly because I tend to think in numbers and pixels instead of shapes and images. Then again, I really like “Pixel Art”, and this tends to be simpler. I dunno.

Wow, seems that if you don’t write every day, more text comes out at once 🙂

I bought a CD Single today. And they say MP3 promotes piracy! 🙂 (I couldn’t find a decent version on KaZaA :)) My only fear is that by the time I get my hands on the CD, I might have found the MP3 anyway. Oh well.

I guess writing in English instead of Greek should be more difficult, but it is not! Maybe it just gives me the required distance. Maybe the fact that I read mostly (if not only) English books helps as well.

Ok. Enough. Save it for later.

CD Burning and Fast Coding

I’m writing some (non-Farscape :)) CDs and waiting to see one Farscape episode. I did a speeding bullet “impression” again at work, making a web page for administrative tasks in under 45 minutes (more like 30). I shouldn’t be showing off like that, but I guess everybody is pleased that things work better after these productivity bursts. It’s just that I feel it’s going to my head… The other problem is that I think I need an audience some times to perform better. Maybe I should add this to my pros/cons list 🙂 Actually todays admin page was made more on a dare. I feel guilty for letting it go to my head. I should probably just get over it. It’s difficult though if everyone is constantly praising you.

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