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Days in the life of a clone

Coding Assets

Wow. A lot of time has passed.

I’m talking on IRC and I’m pondering my pros and cons as a developer. I guess part of this introspection stems from the fact that Anestis is leaving for the Greek Navy (15 months of draft duties) and I’m thinking what’s good about him as a programmer and what’s missing from me (because for the most part I’m going to replace him, especially on strategically important projects).

I guess I’m good at understanding how a program works, just by looking at it. Probably it’s my hacking (on Amstrad) background, as well as deciphering the jumbled code of I can work very very fast and what I create is usually correct architecturally, because I think and conceptualize a lot faster than the speed I’m using the PC to lay the basic structure out.

Enough self-appraisal! The cons of me: I lack theoretical education and knowledge. I lack things used not usually daily, but when trying to make architectural decisions. I need to be more of an Software Architect. Some day.

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