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This is not supposed to happen

It’s not supposed to happen like this. You see a movie, it makes an impact, you forget it. You shouldn’t be so shaken when seeing the same movie (or series) again. After all it was made so long ago. It’s past its prime. It’s been superseeded by new ones, new movies and new series that learned from it and improved on it.

Still, I saw the final two episodes of Babylon 5 and Dead Again in two consecutive weekends, and both shook me almost as much as they did on the first time. Babylon 5 in particular should not be like this, since there’s Galactica now (at least before it became a soap-opera) that claims to have learned from Babylon 5. Still, even if I saw the 5th season before moving (more than a year ago, that is) and I only saw the final two episodes the last weekend, they didn’t fail to move and shake me.

Dead Again though should be a completely different story. I mean I know the plot, and these types of films are based on plot twists. And I knew the plot twists. And I really liked the movie because of the plot twists! And the same plot twists shouldn’t work for the second time. Yet…

Well, you know when there’s good art, when 5 or 10 or 15 years down the line, the same series or movie doesn’t fail to have the same impact as it did the first time!

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