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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone


I found a story I had written in the far, far away decade of early 1990’s, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and my only computer was a CPC 6128, published in a completely irrelevant site. The “proper” reaction would be to sue the pants off the poster (this is copyrighted content!), but obviously I won’t. This small story used to be published into, but since that site is now a placeholder for an half-installed wiki, I guess I don’t mind seeing it posted somewhere. Of course I did the proper thing now and gave this little story a more permanent home.
It’s in its original Greek right now, but some day (hopefully real soon now) I’ll make a translation. It shouldn’t be too hard, I think I might be more fluent writing in English than in Greek nowadays. I mean I’m sure all that Stephen King novels I’ve read must account for something. If any native English speaker reads this, please don’t laugh too hard 🙂

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