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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Car broke down #1

My Ibiza caught fire! Well, almost, it just got really really hot and a red warning light came on! I had to pull over, but where I was there was no room to pull over. So I stopped in the middle of the (not very large, of course) street, and I blocked several cars behind me. Thankfully there was a foine lad behind me who had water to put in the car radiator, so it cooled down enough to get home, although we poured some 3 bottles of mineral water (only one we could find, from a kiosk!:)) in the radiator. I was just trying to get a neighbour to Piraeus to buy a keyboard and floppy for the new PC she bought. We didn’t get to complete the installation, because there was not time. I just got the HD to make a backup of important stuff…

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