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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

No DVD-Rom

My DVD-Rom broke down. No more Pioneer for me (even though the slot-in thingie is very cool, it seems to break down very easily – especially when out of guarantee). So I’m off to buy a very normal and standard one, and also a new Plextor 52x CDRW, if I find it, and it’s under 100a‚¬. I’m also going to buy a TV Tuner card, because the video-in on my GeForce Ti4200 seems to have given up. Ok, so I couldn’t resist any more 🙂

Windows 2003 & Visual Studio .NET 2003 Presentation

I went to see the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 & Visual Studio .NET 2003 presentation today… I even got a webcam out of it 🙂 Nice, even though I felt I was ahead of everything. I mean, quite a lot of the things they presented as new and cool, I’m already using. Very cool though. And quite a lot of people! And furthermore, I got me a scandalous parking place, on the crossroads below Hilton.

Car & Exams

I finally got my car to the service. It seems that the engine fuse box was defective. It runs perfectly smooth now!

I went to the University to check on my grades. As expected, I didn’t pass the one remaining course, and I’m going to give (yet another) exam for it on July.

Car & PC

I tried to take my Ibiza to the service, but unfortunately it’s not open on Saturdays. Back to the drawing board.

On other news, my neighbors PC seems to have a bad karma! It crashes randomly on installation. Seems to be the motherboard (it’s *that* random), but I don’t really know.

Car broke down #2

Ok, first of all, yesterday we were not pouring water into the radiator but in the windshield wipers (duh!). Second of all, the radiator fluid was below the minimum. Third of all, the radiator ventilator fans were not working, except when turning on the air condition. It’s a good thing I was going to take it to service anyway (7500 km).

Car broke down #1

My Ibiza caught fire! Well, almost, it just got really really hot and a red warning light came on! I had to pull over, but where I was there was no room to pull over. So I stopped in the middle of the (not very large, of course) street, and I blocked several cars behind me. Thankfully there was a foine lad behind me who had water to put in the car radiator, so it cooled down enough to get home, although we poured some 3 bottles of mineral water (only one we could find, from a kiosk!:)) in the radiator. I was just trying to get a neighbour to Piraeus to buy a keyboard and floppy for the new PC she bought. We didn’t get to complete the installation, because there was not time. I just got the HD to make a backup of important stuff…

Back to company

Went back to my main place of work today. I almost felt relieved to be working. Life down-under has done me no good. I mean I like what I do. I like programming. I don’t like debugging other people’s code, made to be so generic as not to work at all. I’m going on Monday as well. Its a lot more rewarding. I’d really like to return, but it seems there is no-one else to go down there. And I hate doing slavework for a platform I do not agree with and is much too complicated to begin with. Not to mention competitive to what we do.

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