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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

New Books!

At long last, I just got my order from Amazon. Some 18 books and 3 DVDs 🙂 About time, too. There was no delay, but with the move(s) and stuff. I hadn’t ordered any books for about six months. I finished Narina, I was starting to read Stephen King’s “The Stand” again. I will finish it, but now I’ve got many more books to choose from.

Movie and Books List

As I might have mentioned (or not? who can keep track), I have a very large collection of movies and books. I own a program to manage those collections (actually two programs, one for movies and one for books) and one of its it features is that it outputs are some static HTML files that contain the collection, together with thumbnails and paging and other goodies. I’d really like to include these into this site, but I don’t know enough PHP yet to manipulate XML files. So I’ll just give you the links:

They obviously have problems with being too large, each thumbnail is a different size, etc. And obviously the stylesheet (colors, fonts etc) is completely different, not only with this site, but with themselves too! All I can say in my defense is that the program exports plain HTML, parsed with some custom XSLTs. But I’ll get to it!

I’m going to be an uncle!

I was on the phone with my sister (the first time she called me on my landline phone), and she’s pregnant! I’m going to be an uncle!!

Bots Detected

It seems this site is now indexed by Google and probably Feedster. For the life of me, I don’t understand where they found me! I didn’t submit the URL or anything. Maybe it is a hidden feature of WordPress? Or should I get really paranoid? Anyhow, the good thing is that this site is second in line when you search for my name in Google (first one is an archive of a mailing list, which is also cool, because I guess I’ve written more in that list than in this blog, reloaded or not. I expect to overtake the number of posts, but not for a long time.

Legion of Lunatics Dinner

I’m off for a dinner meeting with my World of Warcraft
guild mates. I hope I’ll find it 🙂

Blog Reloaded

I just finished:

  • Setting up WordPress
  • Copying the blog entries from LiveJournal
  • Entering subjects to all entries
  • Assigning Categories to all entries

Now what remains to be seen is if I’ll really hang on to writing a blog this time. It’s been 2 years since I last wrote anything.

  • My job remains the same (only worse – a lot worse)
  • I’ve taken up World of Warcraft (since it came out in Europe, about 1 and a half years now)
  • I moved to my own house (2 weeks ago) and I live alone.
  • I own the same car
  • I own two PCs now (this is on the server)
  • I still own an ADSL line, only it’s supposed to be 1024 kbit now
  • I don’t use IRC anymore, just to keep my nick registered once in a while
  • I use torrents and eMule as p2p

I need to maybe copy comments (they were not much after all) and choose and customize a nice theme.

Out of Athens

I drove my own car out of Athens for the first time! I even went through the Rio-Antirrhio bridge. Unfortunately so did apparently most of Greece:) We spent almost an hour on it. I’m guessing it wont be as bad on the way back. Anyhow, it is extremely impressive!

We are the champions


We are the champions!

I think my car’s horn does not work anymore! 🙂

I spent the last 2 hours driving around in Piraeus and honking at other people carrying the greek flag, waving around and generally making a fool of myself (as did everybody else!)

Today should be declared a national holiday (even though it’s taken by USA :))

I’m at a loss for words! What a night!

Euro 2004 Finals again

Very bored at work today… I think I spent too much time playing flash games and browsing. I event made a conversation at the newsstand with someone about last night’s performance! That’s how Greece is when it’s united!

Euro 2004 Finals


It’s true! Or is it? Greece is on the Euro 2004 finals!

And after a very very very long time, I’ll try to be back blogging…

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