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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Windows Vista RTM

I’m downloading the final version of Windows Vista right now. I was a beta tester (pretty bad at that, I only filed 7 bugs or something), but it seems that if you submitted even one bug, you receive the full product, free of charge! I am going to buy Windows Vista (if not for anything else, for the extremely cool package) when they come out (and the Ultimate version, no less), but I have three PCs, two of which are going to require a “Client” Windows (I’m planning on switching the other one to Longhorn Server, or Windows Server 2007/8 when it comes out).

I saw an owl today

As I was returning home today, driving my car to park in the garage, I saw a real-life owl sitting in the street (just gravel really) looking around. I watched in awe for a minute, but before I got my cell phone to take a picture, my car’s lights obviously scared her off. Ok, I guess that was not as strange as getting abducted by an alien or anything, but when the most natural life you normally see is pigeons and stray cats, it’s a wonderful experience seeing real wild animals! It really points out I’ve moved out in a not-really-urban house! 🙂

New Books!

At long last, I just got my order from Amazon. Some 18 books and 3 DVDs 🙂 About time, too. There was no delay, but with the move(s) and stuff. I hadn’t ordered any books for about six months. I finished Narina, I was starting to read Stephen King’s “The Stand” again. I will finish it, but now I’ve got many more books to choose from.

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