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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Stepford Wives

Just got back from the Stepford Wives. Not half as bad as I was led to believe. You have to have some imagination (or suspension of disbelief) to cover some plot holes, but they are few, and really coverable. We then proceeded to bust our guts eating at a mexican restaurant just above the cinema. Nice experience though. Both the summer cinema (it’s very cool seeing a movie almost lying on a beach-type chair) and eating and discussing with friends…

Stacker Installation

The pictures, as promised:


I got a new computer case! It is very big, I had to throw the seats of my Ibiza (my car) to carry it home. I’m really excited about it. I spent the night setting it up, and it’s even bigger on the inside 🙂

CM Stacker STC-T01

It is a CoolerMaster Stacker, and it has 11 5.25 drive bays! It houses everything I’ve got (2 Optical Drives, 3 Hard Disks, a LiveDrive and an LCD screen), and still has space for another round of the same!

Already I’ve dropped 5A°C in CPU temperature and 8A°C in motherboard.

I have pictures of the whole process of setting up everything and I’ll try to upload them (they are a LOT of pictures)

Dirty Hacks

The day you have to use dirty-almost-black-hat tricks to work with a sorry excuse for a development framework to do the work you han have completed in 5 minutes flat (measured time) is a very bad day indeed.

I really, really, really hate it when politics get in the way of development.

We are the champions


We are the champions!

I think my car’s horn does not work anymore! 🙂

I spent the last 2 hours driving around in Piraeus and honking at other people carrying the greek flag, waving around and generally making a fool of myself (as did everybody else!)

Today should be declared a national holiday (even though it’s taken by USA :))

I’m at a loss for words! What a night!

Euro 2004 Finals again

Very bored at work today… I think I spent too much time playing flash games and browsing. I event made a conversation at the newsstand with someone about last night’s performance! That’s how Greece is when it’s united!

Euro 2004 Finals


It’s true! Or is it? Greece is on the Euro 2004 finals!

And after a very very very long time, I’ll try to be back blogging…

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