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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

My PC is on fire!

That was weird!

My PC’s power supply burned up (it was really smelling!). I™ unscrewed almost everything and then I turned around part of the CPU fan, which seemed to be symmetric, i.e. this would not change anything. But of course it did!

Until now, my CPU was running on 68-78A°C. Now it’s running on 38-42A°C !!! This was a real shock! Furthermore the video out plug on my video card started to work. So I’m not buying a new video card 🙂

So much for “If it works don’t fix it”!

Last subject passed

I passed the last subject in my university! I’m only due my diploma thesis (which should be a lot easier than failing the damned exams every three months).

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