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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

Another Meeting

I’m beat (again). I went to a hi-class meeting with more bank representatives I should care to mention, but at least it ended quickly. I should look forward to the weekend, but it seems it may be lost as well… 🙁


I went to Marousi again yesterday. I returned home so tired, I went almost straight to bed. I have to go to some high class meeting today. I’m feeling everything has to go through me.

CD Burning

I’m once again organizing CDs/burning CDs/Installing CDs. I really should try and install some of the games I got yesterday…

I wonder when will there be a program for organizing applications, games and general internet downloads…

War on Iraq

One of the things I hate is waking up with a headache…

Regarding the war on Iraq: I think that G.W. is showing typical symptoms of the school bully, and Blair is his lapdog.


I was really sick yesterday, but I feel better now… The good thing was that the fever gave me an insight on a work problem, so I solved it in under five minutes when I got there 🙂

Neighbour birthday

I went out for a neighbour’s birthday last night. I couldn’t wake up this morning…

Nomad 3 stuff

My Creative Nomad 3 Stuff have arrived! I am now a happy owner of a Nomad 3 Car Adapter, a Wired FM/Mic/Remote and a second battery. Pretty soon actually (8 work days I think).

Meeting and farewell

Loooong day today.

So, I went to Marousi, I lost 2 hours in the traffic, my supervisor took me from some weird place I can’t remember, I met people, I hated people, I didn’t put people in people’s places as I should, I left, I lost another 2 hours in the traffic.

At least I got to go to a “farewell party” for Anestis who is leaving us for the Greek Navy. We ate our buns off (yet again!). Nice farewell 🙂

Maybe I should write more, but I’m too tired.

Meeting in Marousi

I gotta go to Marousi tomorrow. A veeery long drive… One I haven’t done before. Oh, I’m writing from work (hehe).

DivX and Unreal Tournament

Trying my hand at DivX… again! I don’t know what my problem is. I mean I’m good at everything else computer-wise, why can’t I make a decent DivX? That is not unsynchronized?

We ate our buns off yesterday, we were, like, eating from 14:00 to 20:00! 🙂 We ate less today (we were alone in the house after all :)) but still… It didn’t help that taramas salad had too much onion…

I wanted to make that damn Unreal Tournament CD, but I completely forgot about it. Oh well. We’ ll just play once again the same levels…

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