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George Schizas Blog

Days in the life of a clone

What Movie?

I was supposed to got to the movies today… Such a flop 🙂 An invitation where only two people applied, one couldn’t make it, the other one was me. Actually we were both betrayed by our escorts! Hmmmm.

Bored with games?

Making CDs again… Or rather shrinking an .AVI to fit on a CD.

Being really bored today. Most of the new games I got don’t really excite me. Could it be possible I lost the ability to be excited by games? Anyhow, I must not forget that next Tuesday I’m having an exam in the University. Which means I must get at least two days off. Maybe I could push Friday? Nah, too much. I got three full days. It should be enough. But if I get through this one, I’m in the clear (last subject!). Can I get to it, or has too much work rotted my brain?

Shopping and frustration

It’s been five days already? Wow.

I went for a bit of shopping today. I sent a snail-mail to Creative Labs for a 40 € rebate. I got me a pair of earbuds for my Nomad. I god a street map for my car. Busy day.

The .netization of everything is postponed for a non forseeable future. Sad. I’m starting to think that I should just get started on my own. After all, I know what has to be done (in a way). I got almost everything I need (including a preview of the site, as it could be). The thing is, I don’t really think I’m going to be able to finish it. I don’t get it. Don’t they understand that they will not only save money from not doing all this trivial and useless work, but save our (the developers) sanity? I will not be able to take more Intarget code for much longer. I mean, I can do stuff I actually loathe in less than 5 minutes. Perhaps we could sell open24 as a new platform. I dunno. Only thing remaining is no bonus/raise for 2002/3. Then I’ll really be pissed.

Software, Farscape and TextPad

Long time since I wrote here. Got a terrible headache today. Maybe because I saw 7 Farscape episodes on a row. Another order has arrived. I shouldn’t worry, I’ll find time to read all these books 🙂

A new Textpad has come out since 7/2 (3 days!) and I only downloaded it today! I’m losing my form 🙂

Finally I transfered my “Textpad Macros” project from work. It was in a very good state, but I couldn’t work at it in the weekend. So instead I made a voting application for the icons of JPsoft’s 4NT (and 4DOS and Take Command). Maybe when I put this blog on a web page I should make some “Links of the day” or just link everything worth while. Or not.

I’m thinking about making a home page. The world has really moved on (a stephenking-esque phrase! 🙂 cool!) since everybody and their dog had a home page, but I’m a web developer now. I should have something. I’m really lousy with graphics, mainly because I tend to think in numbers and pixels instead of shapes and images. Then again, I really like “Pixel Art”, and this tends to be simpler. I dunno.

Wow, seems that if you don’t write every day, more text comes out at once 🙂

I bought a CD Single today. And they say MP3 promotes piracy! 🙂 (I couldn’t find a decent version on KaZaA :)) My only fear is that by the time I get my hands on the CD, I might have found the MP3 anyway. Oh well.

I guess writing in English instead of Greek should be more difficult, but it is not! Maybe it just gives me the required distance. Maybe the fact that I read mostly (if not only) English books helps as well.

Ok. Enough. Save it for later.

CD Burning and Fast Coding

I’m writing some (non-Farscape :)) CDs and waiting to see one Farscape episode. I did a speeding bullet “impression” again at work, making a web page for administrative tasks in under 45 minutes (more like 30). I shouldn’t be showing off like that, but I guess everybody is pleased that things work better after these productivity bursts. It’s just that I feel it’s going to my head… The other problem is that I think I need an audience some times to perform better. Maybe I should add this to my pros/cons list 🙂 Actually todays admin page was made more on a dare. I feel guilty for letting it go to my head. I should probably just get over it. It’s difficult though if everyone is constantly praising you.

Late again

Off to work. Late (again).


Just saw Irreversile. Not that good. I think I’ll watch some more Farscape to wash it off…

My logs are getting smaller… Maybe it’s dying off. I haven’t written anything important yet. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just make this part of my (future) website and write all the important stuff on other pages. Or maybe this will fade away…

I’m kinda sleepy right now, so I think it’s ok to write shorter text. Or not. Sleep deprivation can go a long way 🙂


I have spent most of the day sleeping and watching Farscape episodes… Not a bad way to spend a day 🙂

Columbia Lost!

I heard it, but I tried not to believe it… Columbia and its crew are lost! I’m regressing to 1986… This cannot be the same shock of course, but it comes close… It hasn’t sinked in yet, maybe because I don’t regularly watch TV. And I think tomorrow I shan’t. Tragedy nevertheless.

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